New Work

I ended 2016 by weaving my first fine silk scarves. They were both woven from the same warp, but one with a dark weft, the other light.Before they were even washed and pressed they were both claimed by visiting children.So I am starting 2017 by weaving more.

The scarves are in response to a piece I wove last summer. I wanted to weave a fine curtain for my studio window and had some fine undyed cotton that I had bought with that in mind. I experimented with several ideas with weaving other yarns into the weft at the same time as the cotton and liked the result.

I hope to find time soon to continue with this idea, but for the curtain I wanted something finer and more translucent. I decided to play around with an 8 shaft twill draft and found some fine 2/50 cotton from Alan at The result is this piece which is just what I had in mind.

During the day with the light shining through, the curtain is full of shadows, but in the evening with no back light the twill pattern is easily seen. From this has come lots of ideas for other hanging pieces, but first I wanted to see how this fine weave would work as a scarf. I swapped the fine cotton for 2/60 silk in beautiful  coppers and golds and love the resulting soft, silky scarves. Now to weave some more.